"Fermented foods are missing in our modern
western diet and today we have an
all time high percentage of gut related diseases!" - Sunita



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Summer is all about taking off some time, relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. While traveling, lots of people struggle with continuing their healthy eating habits and snack on unhealthy options.

We made a list for you with amazing snacks that are great for you and super easy to pack for those long plane rides and road trips.

1. Gluten-free Crackers

2. Avocado

3. Lemon

4. Tea bags (your favorite)

5. Green powders

6. Bee Pollen

7. Nut Brittle

8. Fruits & Veggie Sticks

9. Sprouted Nuts & Seeds seasoned/spiced to your taste

10. Dried fruits

Enjoy your summer and your healthy snacks!

Much Love,


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Chocolate Covered Strawberries:


What is Valentines Day without Chocolate? We have you covered with this easy fun easy recipe to make for your loved one...;)

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Savory Mung Sprouts


(Serves 1)

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We have all been there, a new year is ahead of us and we are determined that we are finally going to change all our bad habits once the new year kicks in. But then, after one or two weeks, it gets to overwhelming and we fall back into our old habits.

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Your brain is your biggest asset! If you don't keep your mind active, studies show that your brain loses some of its functionality as you age, which causes memory loss, brain fog and even Alzeheimer's.

Here are 10 Brain Boosting Foods & Activities to feed your brain:

1. Coconut Oil
2. Bee Pollen
3. Hemp Seeds
4. Oily Fish
5. Walnuts
6. Play games/puzzles that challenge and stimulate your mind
7. Reading
8. Listening to music
9. Exercise regulary
10. Get enough sleep to reset the brain

Please email us questions, a health concern or topics you would like to see in this section.

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This summer many of you are going to be traveling. This is the time we often find ourselves with very few healthy options on the road. But if we plan for some easy healthy options to take with us, we can reach our destination feeling great!

Here are some of my favorite things I like to carry with me when I travel:

Fruits like Grapes & Apples
Veggie Sticks
1 Avocado
1 Lemon
Kale Chips
Flax Crackers
Green powder
Energy bars

Stay hydrated!