Take time out to unplug, recharge, and boost your mental, physical health and well-being. With this in mind, our next retreat is India Safari Retreat in Rajasthan! 

EAT.PRAY.MOVE Retreat in Bali 8 Days/7 Nights from March 10th to 17th, 2019

As some of you may know, I have always strived to bring unique experiences with a personal touch of love. My hope is that all my clients take these learnings of healthy and delicious eating to their homes and families. And over the years, it has been rewarding to see so many of you incorporate raw foods into your lifestyle! It is therefore my pleasure to create these travel experience wellness retreats, where you have time away from your daily responsibilities to imbibe these lifelong learnings with a fresh perspective. One of my personal goals is to continue to bring these hidden gems of resorts in exotic locations to you at a great value.


This retreat will be in an idyllic location in Ranthambore, Rajasthan on Sept. 27th to Oct 3rd, 2018 adjacent to the famous Tiger Reserve. We will stay in luxurious villas made with environmentally sustainable local materials, be surrounded by a vast jungle, and the magic of nature all around us on a 30-acre property. Wake up to the chirping of birds, visit the local villages, explore the local arts and crafts, discover the art of hand block printing inRajasthan, experience the culture, the people and the animals. You will enjoy fresh farm-to table organic gourmet meals. A culinary journey in delectable food! Learn about tiger conservation and building a sustainable village community around. Fun activities like tiger safari, camel rides, sight seeing, spas, shopping, fireside chats and so much more...You will enjoy live culinary demonstrations daily to take back with you into your lifestyle so you enjoy the benefits lifelong! Join us for an unforgettable experience and go back renewed and ready for what life brings...


Because we all need to unplug and give our bodies, minds and souls a break! With our retreat you’re not only experiencing the beautiful culture of India but you will also learn how to make delicious nutritious foods to add to your lifestyle. We take the stress out of the planning to bring you an unforgettable experience! To truly enjoy the culture from the inside out and not as a tourist. Learn about the sustainable culture, visit the local villages, explore new sights, enjoy the river and tiger safaris, learn about the art of block printing in Rajasthan and much more…

What you get:

• Culinary Retreat
• Live Culinary Demonstrations by Chef Sunita Vira

• Raw and delicately prepared Indian cuisine

• Farm to Table Fresh Organic Produce

• Experience the Indian culture

• Three Jungle Safaris, Camel Rides, Shopping, Fireside Chats

• Welcome Basket

• Option to extend the trip and stay in Jaipur or fly to Delhi and visit the Taj Mahal 

• Curated itenery

What you should bring

We encourage you to bring your significant other, best friend or family member to enjoy this unique retreat experience together.

Dates: Septeber 27 to October 03, 2018

Limited space register earlier. This retreat was sold our six months in advance last year.Limited space register earlier. This retreat was sold our six months in advance last year.

To make this retreat a reality for you, please contact us for more details and registration. Give the gift of health to yourself or a loved one this year!



Thank you for bringing us all together and creating our collective India. Perhaps how we see the world or our place in this world. Perhaps how we feed ourselves or how we feed our soul. Perhaps simply how we relax into the ebb and flow of life. We are forever grateful!



The India retreat was a great adventure - well-planned, well-conceived and pulled off with grace and creativity. It had so many parts and Sunita did an amazing job of inspiring us, feeding us, teaching us, caring for us and joining us on many outings that were educational and exposed us to nature, history, culture and the power we each have to make the world a better place. It was truly a wonderful experience with a great group of people.



We saw so many "slices" of India, truly a trip of a lifetime!


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Join Chef Sunita Vira for a culinary adventure set in a tranquil destination spa on 70 lush acres fed by natural springs. We will stay at the sacred, nurturing Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, voted as the top 3 destination spa in the US! Join a like minded group for a joyful, life-changing healing experience… 

• Culinary Demonstrations with Chef Sunita

• Robust Santa Fe cuisine with a contemporary international flair

• Organic Farm to Table Meals

• Enjoy vegan, plant-based culinary experience

• Hiking in the desert, yoga, meditation, group chats, expressive arts, native Indian foods...

• Learn the tools to lead a vibrant lifestyle!

Immerse in an Innovative Approach to Food.

Darrelyn Marx


This Culinary Retreat was a special time for both my husband and I. We got a chance to do something unique together and explore our passion for raw food. We feel refreshed and renewed. A great trip we hope to repeat!

Maureen Miz


I loved the Santa Fe retreat! The food was fantastic. The activities offered were varied. Between hiking, yoga, the mineral soaks and the great food, I was very content. I hope to come back next year!

Cassie Park

New York

Sunita has turned the concept of raw food from boring and cardboard-like food to delicious and easy to make recipes. Many of the recipes are really tasty and also happen to be raw.

Bali Retreat

We had an incredible Culinary Retreat in Bali April 2016 with an amazing group of women from all over the world! Six cultures all melding together for an unforgettable week!

Daniele Moriswala


“The Culinary Retreat in Bali was unbelievable!!!! I met fantastic ladies in my group and local people!!! Sunita, the resort you chose was made to blend with the environment. It’s simplicity gave a very natural look and feel of the place. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you Sunita for organizing this amazing, relaxing, instructive, fun retreat! It was a lifetime experience that I will always cherish!!"

Monique Jhingon


“I attended Sunita's Raw Food Culinary Retreat in Bali in April 2016 and I had a truly amazing week. 5 days in a magical setting, with like-minded women, eating nutrient dense, rainbow colored, whole and living food that is not only healthy and energizing but also super tasty. Sunita is a very talented chef who brings a myriad of different flavors from all over the world into her creations. We picked local and fresh ingredients from the organic garden on site and learned how to prepare wonderful dishes. We sampled local produce, practiced yoga, explored Bali and really connected to each other, to nature and to a healthier way of living. It was a perfect retreat and I came back refreshed, re energized and inspired to incorporate Sunita's delicious recipes into my daily life and reap all the wonderful benefits of eating more raw food!”

Stephanie Lim


“Was just looking back and I am so thankful I was in that retreat Sunita…It was where I started my journey into raw food and my oh my…It has taken me to where I am today… Growing my own food…I can’t imagine…””