my story

I grew up on a tea plantation in Darjeeling, India. I was surrounded by fresh air, farm-to-table ingredients, and home-cooking with spices that others call exotic but, to me, tasted like home. I watched my father savor the taste of his tea the same way we relished my mother’s sumptuous cooking. I learned early the importance and nuance of flavor, aroma and balance.

During holiday get-togethers, my grandparents (both wonderful cooks) would challenge each other and compete for whose food tasted the best. The rest of us were happy recipients of their contest; everything on the table was delicious!

Back then, I cherished meals for the laughter and love, as well as the magic on our plates. Today, I remember them for the way they connected food and eating to generosity and gratitude.

Our family continues the tradition of eating together, and everyone gets in on the act. My three children are my official tasters; nothing makes it into our programs if it doesn’t get a 10 (out of 10) and a super-enthusiastic thumbs-up from them. They each assist with demonstrations, and my daughter shoots our videos for YouTube. Even our dog, Alfa, gets involved...he may be the only 100% raw member of the family.

In 2010, I founded The Raw Food Centre, Singapore with the mission to spread awareness about raw living foods and to work with families to integrate healthy eating into their busy lifestyles. In 2014, we expanded to Chicago and (for the retreats) to exotic locations around the world. Through our site, we offer many opportunities and workshops, seasonal cleanses, plus recipes, favorite foods and preferred methods.