Dr. Radha Sukhani

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago

"With each experience, a conviction took root that Sunita’s raw food concept should become an essential component of my daily nutrition. With Sunita’s raw food training, delicious, effortless, super-living, rejuvenating raw food preparations are within my reach daily in a matter of minutes."

Dr. Cristina Torres

Integral Alternative Medicine, Chicago

I have been fortunate to learn from Sunita and her delicious recipes are now part of my daily routine! I highly recommend everyone anyone to participate in Sunita’s programs. I am convinced that meal preparation is fundamental in attaining good health.

Lynn Tan


"You opened up a new universe of eating and living in 3 days. I felt great after the detox, and I believe my outlook on living well is being transformed."

Edith Scott


"The Raw Food Center has introduced me to a new world of food and wellness. I started off making gradual but consistent changes by incorporating Sunita’s delicious nut milks, smoothies, juices, salads and superfoods into my lifestyle. I also eliminated dairy and gluten. In six months I feel more youthful! An unexpected benefit: I have lost 9 kilos and I love my new figure and clothes!!"



"Sunita's classes are fun, easy to follow and provide a wealth of information on eating better. People assume that healthy food means bland food but that's not the case with Sunita's raw food offerings. Her recipes are always delicious and simple to make at home. I highly recommend them if you want to incorporate some healthy meals into your week!"

Pamela Hatalkar


"Thank you for a fantastic three-day detox workshop! My motivation was to get myself back on track with a healthy lifestyle starting with consuming living foods that help me thrive. To my amazement, I also experienced a reduction in pain from my neuralgia. Certainly did not expect that, but so pleased for some relief from the pain! I learned a lot and had such a wonderful time while doing so. I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future!"

Gita Raj

New York

"The 3-day Detox program was an amazing experience! I learned how easy it is to incorporate raw foods into your diet. I came away feeling lighter and more energized. I'm definitely more conscious of what I put into my mouth and my families. Thank you Sunita for sharing your knowledge and taking us on this wonderful journey. I feel like a new woman! I especially enjoyed meeting all the ladies in the detox workshop and hope we can meet up in the near future. All the best!"

Minu Aswani


"I have known Sunita for about a year now and have been drawn to her because of our common belief in the healing properties and benefits of raw or living foods. Prior to meeting her, my knowledge of raw foods was limited to a meal of mainly fruits, salads and nuts. But after attending some of her classes and workshops including a 3-day detox workshop, I was amazed to discover a whole world of interesting yet palatable gourmet raw foods. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from these sessions with Sunita and look forward to learning more from her."

Betty Chandra


"Can't thank you enough for reviving my interest in meal preparation. I am still in disbelief that raw food can taste so good!"



"I really enjoyed my detox program with Sunita; I have a lot more energy to enjoy my family. Higher energy levels are priceless!"

Melinda & Steph


"Thanks for all the love and fun you put into the classes!”

Carol D'Silva


"I recently had the pleasure of attending a Raw food class with Sunita in Singapore. The class was "Eating for Beauty" Not knowing a great deal about eating raw or the alternative ingredients I was truly amazed at the diversity of being able to create a new and fresh way of eating, I met so many nice people who where like minded in wanting to learn more, Sunita is a great teacher and makes it a fun few hours and the best part is getting to eat it all too at the end. Thank you so much, you have given me the inspiration to move forward on the Raw food lifestyle that I am hoping to achieve."

Kirsten Sansom


"Thank you so much for such a lovely evening last night in the comfort of your beautiful shophouse home! The food was AMAZING! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed all the courses and relished learning more about raw foods and how to incorporate them into their diet. On behalf of the Singapore chapter of Room to Read, we appreciate your support and wish to thank you for hosting this special evening. Last night's event raised $1760 for global literacy and girls' education! Now, even more, children will have access to schools, libraries and children's literature!"

Jill Salzman


"My kiddos and I tried making your Chocolate flourless cake last night — and if you could only hear the moans and screams of joy, it was the most delicious thing we have ever tasted. LOVE your book!!!!”

Sarah Steinbeck


"I credit Sunita and the Raw Food Center of Chicago with giving me my health and vitality back."

Jodi Serio


“Sunita’s detox program is by far one of the best things I ever did.”

Thomas Steele-Maley

Chicago, Lead Technology & Innovation Officer - Gems World Academy

"Having seen Sunita electrify the fourth grade last year (including Vicki and I) with healthy living demonstration, I would love to see her offer a camp based on health and cooking this summer. An excellent idea!"

Darrelyn Marx


"Truly exceeded my expectations! So many great recipes, good tips & demonstrations. The food is delicious! I loved the extra weight loss and feeling good! I highly recommend this to all!"

Karen Jacobsen

"Your recipes are fabulous and I so appreciate how you have incorporated the meal prep into the Cleanse so we have skills to continue with ease (unlike other cleanse/detox programs)"

Jonna Robison

"Thank you, Sunita. I really enjoyed the class Saturday. I made all the food last night for dinner. My family loved it! I look forward to more classes!! "


"Thank you so much for thinking of me. Actually for everything! I meant to email you a thank you note. I had a great time and enjoy the classes very much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion! I'm very happy & more confident to continue more raw food diet and introduce to my family. What fun! I'm excited :) Hope to join you more workshops and see you again. All the best to you too! "

Deborah Moore

“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic workshop today. It really opened my eyes to what can be done with raw food, and how delicious it is! That dessert just blew me away, but the rest of it was very, very good too! I really must try some raw ice cream soon!”

Suzanne D.


"It was my good fortune to be introduced to raw eating while visiting Singapore recently. My daughter-in-law brought me to a class Sunita was teaching, and I was hooked! I love to cook, and preparing raw food recipes is almost therapeutic for me ... a joy to focus on fresh, healthy ingredients that result in absolutely delicious meals. Sunita's recipes are fabulous – can't wait for her to publish a cookbook!"

Kalpana Chopra

"I would like to express my sincere thanks for arranging the last 3 days. For increasing our knowledge of various foods and how to incorporate them into our everyday diet and help improve our health. I don't think I will ever look at a courgette, Avocado or coconut in the same way!"

Mashael Al Sulaiman

"Thank you for a wonderful experience! I have never been as excited to start eating more vegetable and integrating raw food in my daily meals! Never imagined it could taste this good!!!"

Mary Oleszek

Sunita, you are a delight and a wealth of information without the self-righteousness that often accompanies certain nutrition/wellness choices and philosophies. I’m really enjoying learning about raw foods and feasting on various recipes from raw food focused chefs like you! A real treat! Wishing you lots of success. Happy Eating!

April Hu


"Having participated in several detox programs, I found Sunita’s program gentle and educational. Her graceful style and understated passion encourages one to not only adopt new eating habits but also to prepare different dishes to share amongst family and friends. I now enjoy Sunita’s simple and delicious foods on a daily basis, and feel healthier and better. I am honoured to have Sunita lead the Luxury Detox Retreat at Bali Villa Waru for groups who wish to get away and become rejuvenated. Thank you!"