As a young woman, I seriously considered going into medical research. I wanted to come up with cures for diseases and be of service—to make a contribution to improving people’s lives. The more I learned, the more I was not impressed by the pharmaceutical industry and I went on to study art & design.

Fast forward to Sunita, a mother of two (our third would come later) eating the standard American diet and suffering from low energy, poor vision, brain fog, and baby weight that wouldn’t go away. We were living in California at the time and I had a fulfilling career running a new web design firm. My first client, who is now a dear friend, introduced me to raw food through a group of 80-year old men she worked with. They were more active and energized than men half their age! They had the brightest and whitest eyes I had seen in a long time, they were nimble and joyous—all due to eating a raw diet.

After that, I was hooked and experienced near-immediate results: my vision improved, I no longer needed my thick glasses to see and my hair got thicker, my energy went up, I lost all the baby weight and I experienced mental clarity! Since those early days, my family and I have made a 180-degree change. Our energies are consistently high and we hardly ever get sick. I realized that if my family experienced these amazing benefits, everyone would. It was then that I understood that raw food was the way I could impact people’s lives for the better.

Now, my kitchen is like a laboratory. I experiment with living foods, trying new ingredients and creations, testing out the results on my children. Seeing my kids devour raw meals and snacks, observing their robust health, appreciating their attention to what they put in their bodies, I am constantly reminded that I am onto something big.