I am a certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Educator from the Living Light Culinary Institute and Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in California. In 2010, I founded the Raw Food Center, in Singapore with the goal to help people take healthy eating into their lifestyle for vibrant health. In 2014, I moved back to my home in Chicago and expanded the Center. My goal is to make our raw journey together appealing, delicious, manageable and fun. Having developed a new, global approach to raw cuisine, I look forward to sharing it with you every time you visit.

As a chef and an educator, I have a passion for getting you comfortable in the kitchen and sharing recipes and knowledge I’ve gained from a lifetime of learning and experimenting with foods.

As a mother, I take my inspiration from my children and I will guide those of you struggling with how to plan and prepare healthy food for yourself and your family.

As a global traveller and a woman of Indian heritage, I offer you the world in terms of cuisine, flavors, spices, preparations, and techniques.

As a healer, I approach food with respect and embrace raw (or nearly-raw), living, plant-based foods and methods that result in increased energy, enhanced immunity and disease prevention, effective weight management, clearer eyesight, glowing skin, thicker hair, better sleep, improved metabolism and fertility, deceleration of the aging process, and relief from depression.

Chef Sunita