Recent studies show in the US, nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes while 86 million have pre-diabetes, the precursor to the full-blown disease. Rates have been on the rise since 2010, a trend that's being echoed worldwide.

The rise is due to type 2 diabetes, which is closely related to obesity, another condition that's been on the rise globally. Diabetes is linked to pre-cancer or pre-heart disease because the insulin resistance is damaging to all the body's tissues including the brain.

What can you do to lower your Diabetes Risk?

• Cut One Soda a Day for starters

Swap one sugary beverage for an unsweetened one, such as water or unsweetened coffee or tea can lower your diabetes risk by up to 25%!

You can Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Swap out processed foods loaded with hidden sugars for fresh, whole foods

Exercise regularly

Increase Omega 3s into your diet with foods like olive oil, flax oil, chia seeds and walnuts

Maintain optimal vitamin D levels year-round

Get adequate sleep every night

Maintain a healthy body weight

Optimize your gut health by including fermented foods into your diet like miso, cultured vegetables, kimchi &


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