Raw food has changed my life. I experience its undeniable benefits everyday. Raw food inspires me, grounds me, keeps me and my family well and has given me tons of energy and clarity to pursue what I thought was impossible! The Raw Food Center will do the same for you. We’ll show you how quick, easy and fun it is to make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle! I can’t wait for you to get started and discover the healing power of this food and experience the benefits first hand!

My Story

I grew up on a tea plantation in Darjeeling, India. I was surrounded by fresh air, farm-to-table ingredients, and home-cooking with spices that others call exotic but, to me, tasted like home. I watched my father savor the taste of his tea the same way we relished my mother’s sumptuous cooking. I learned early the importance and nuance of flavor, aroma and balance.

More about Chef Sunita

As a chef and an educator, I have a passion for getting you comfortable in the kitchen and sharing recipes and knowledge I’ve gained from a lifetime of learning and experimenting with foods.

The Healing Power of Food

As a young woman, I seriously considered going into medical research. I wanted to come up with cures for diseases and be of service—to make a contribution to improving people’s lives. The more I learned, the more I was not impressed by the pharmaceutical industry and I went on to study art & design.

More about Raw Food (or as I like to call it Living Food)

Forget your preconceived ideas. We are not just eating carrots & lettuce! Raw doesn’t mean cold, hard and fibrous. Once you try the recipes on this site, you’ll wonder whether they are cooked or raw. You’ll find some very familiar dishes created using healthful techniques to optimize nutrition. You are not leaving your former kitchen behind when you embrace living foods; you are simply adding the good back into your life!