1:1 Programs


Take advantage of this 1:1 program, where we will dive into YOUR history, food preferences and health challenges. Everything we do is tailored to your needs and wants. Learn everything you need to incorporate a healthy, balanced diet into your lifestyle.

You will leave with a balanced Monthly Menu Plan totally tailored to you (and your family), 12 new delicious recipes to sustain your lifestyle, remove overwhelm, feel empowered, energized and organized!

What to discover
  • Your Heritage & Family History

  • Your Food Choices

  • Your Current Health Challenges

  • Your Ideal Monthly Menu Plan

What to expect
  • 30min call to prepare for your 1:1 session

  • 1:1 session for 4 hours to learn 6-8 delicious new recipes tailored just for you!

  • Take home the prepared 3 course dinner to share with your partner or friend 

  • A personalized Recipe Book just for you!

  • A Balanced Monthly Menu Plan

  • 15min follow-up call after 2 weeks

  • 30min follow-up call after 4 weeks

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"Detoxing with Sunita is the best thing you can do for yourself! The food is unbelievably delectable! The flavors are so rich and vibrant and your palate is exposed to food in a totally different form. During the entire program, I never felt hungry. The food is truly delightful and all I wanted was more. Fortunately, Sunita makes enough so that we can take some home, a benefit of the program. Regarding my body, I saw so much improvement in my skin, my energy level, my movement and my clarity of thought; I decided to continue for a third week. After the detox, I was no longer bloated and could finally zip my favorite jeans. The weight lost was a bonus, but it was a byproduct of all the other benefits, I realized by doing the Raw Food Detox with Sunita. Since that first detox, I have kept off the weight and added to my weight lost numbers."

Karen Fleshman

"The Raw Food Detox Program with Sunita was way more thon I ever expected it to be. I went into it thinking I would re-set my body to make better food choices, but got so much more in return. Sunita is extremely knowledgeable about the nutritional make up of all foods/fruits/vegetables so I feel I got a great class on the nutritional value of everything I put into my body. I also learned about flavor balancing and what foods compliment each other and the value of good fats/oils/proteins, etc. She helped me not only to re-set my body but to be more conscious about better decisions about eating and why certain foods are good for you and specifically what health conditions certain foods can target. It was a pleasant bonding experience with all the other women involved as well, in terms of support. Overall, it was more than I ever expected."

Tara Shepard

"The best ever Raw Food Cleanse with Sunita Vira, highly recommended by moi! Eating raw turns your body chemistry around in about 2-3 days and you begin to see immediate results in how you feel, how your skin looks and your energy and emotions. Having access to the gourmet raw recipes from Sunita was priceless. Thank you Sunita!."

Melissa Hovey