Food brings us together and inspires us to connect more deeply. Eating with family and friends brings us joy, improves our health, and nourishes our soul. Discover long-term well-being and easy, mouth-watering global cuisine with Raw Food Center.

Join Sunita Vira, founder of Raw Food Center, as you explore and celebrate the transformative power of living foods. We have expanded our concept to include some cooked foods and delicious healing foods from around the world! At any age, at any weight, at any moment, become the best version of yourself with the Raw Food Center.

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Staying Well All Year Long


In my family we eat with the seasons! I change what I prepare according to the time of year not only to take advantage of what’s available in the markets, but also to keep our energy up and our immunity strong.Try our Flu Buster Elixir to stay well throughout the seasons. This liquid gold is loaded with a mega dose of vitamin C and much more. A must with Flu season here!


Raw Secrets and Suggestions


The more I learn about the healing power of food, herbs, spices, and preparations, the more awed I am by the collective wisdom of the chefs that came before us. I love to share my favorite super-foods and ingredients with you so you have the benefits and the variety in your pantry. This month we focus on the healing benefits of goji berries and bee pollen.

"With each experience, a conviction took root that Sunita’s raw food concept should become an essential component of my daily nutrition. With Sunita’s raw food training, delicious, effortless, super-living, rejuvenating raw food preparations are within my reach daily in a matter of minutes."

Dr. Radha Sukhani, 

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago


"You opened up a new universe of eating and living in 3 days. I felt great after the detox, and I believe my outlook on living well is being transformed."


"I credit Sunita and the Raw Food Center of Chicago with giving me my health and vitality back." 



"Can't thank you enough for reviving my interest in meal preparation. I am still in disbelief that raw food can taste so good!"



"I have been fortunate to learn from Sunita and her delicious recipes are now part of my daily routine and I am looking forward to more learnings. I highly recommend everyone to participate in Sunita’s programs. I am convinced that meal preparation is fundamental in attaining good health."

Dr. Cristina Torres

Integral Alternative Medicine, Chicago.

"Detoxing with Sunita is the Best thing you can do for yourself!"

Karen Fleshman


“Was just looking back and I am so thankful I was in that retreat Sunita…It was where I started my journey into raw food ann my oh my…It has taken me to where I am today… Growing my own food…I can’t imagine…”

Stephanie Lim



Having seen Sunita electrify the fourth grade last year (including Vicki and I) with a healthy living demonstration, I would love to see her offer a camp based on health and cooking this summer. An excellent idea!

Thomas Steele-Maley, Lead Technology & Innovation Officer
GEMS World Academy, Chicago


"My kiddos and I tried making your cake last night — and if you could only hear the moans and screams of joy, it was the most delicious thing we have ever tasted. LOVE your book!!!!”

Jill Salzman

Founder of The Founding Moms, Chicago