Food brings us together and inspires us to connect more deeply. Eating with family and friends brings us joy, improves our health, and nourishes our soul. Discover long-term well-being and easy, mouth-watering global cuisine with Raw Food Center.

Join Sunita Vira, founder of Raw Food Center, as you explore and celebrate the transformative power of living foods. We have expanded our concept to include some cooked foods and delicious healing foods from around the world! At any age, at any weight, at any moment, become the best version of yourself with the Raw Food Center.

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Staying Well All Year Long


In my family we eat with the seasons! I change what I cook according to the time of year not only to take advantage of what’s available in the markets, but also to keep our energy up and our immunity strong.

Moving from fall into winter can tax our systems. Try our Mushroom Cappuccino Soup for a nurturing, flavor-packed, nutrient-rich taste of autumn.

Raw Secrets and Suggestions


The more I learn about the healing power of food, herbs, spices, and preparations, the more awed I am by the collective wisdom of the chefs that came before us. I love to share my preferred super-foods and super-methods so you always have the benefits and the variety in your pantry.

News & Upcoming Events

Start 2016 by putting your health and wellness first. Join us in Chicago for some fun programs to balance out your body, mind and soul:

Beat the Winter Blues! January 16th, Saturday from 2 to 5pm

2 Week Detox program starting from January 19th to 1st Feb

Professional Women's Empowerment Retreat January 30th & 31st (Saturday & Sunday)

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"With each experience, a conviction took root that Sunita’s raw food concept should become an essential component of my daily nutrition."

Radha Sukhani M.D.


"You opened up a new universe of eating and living in 3 days."



"I credit Sunita and the Raw Food Center of Chicago with giving me my health and vitality back."



"Can't thank you enough for reviving my interest in meal preparation. I am still in disbelief that raw food can taste so good!"