In the past 10 years, gourmet chefs like Charlie Trotter have taken this cuisine to Hollywood and paved the way for amazing creations that arguably looks and tastes even better than cooked food. The attraction of countless celebrities has been the newfound youthful glow and beauty, resulting from an internally healthy body, nourished by living foods.

Followers of raw food are all visibly blessed with pain-free joints, clear glowing skin, shiny hair and reduced cellulite. They lose excess weight rapidly and permanently boost their immune systems. Even sleep is restful. The food also slows the aging process and provides a clear focused mind. More importantly, followers do not always eat only raw to get the benefits. Anyone can enjoy improved health by adding more raw foods to their diet. Small shifts of mental blocks may overcome early perceptions to open the palate to new undiscovered flavors. After that, the body guides. The Raw Food Centre is proud to contribute in bringing this concept to Singapore, where the tropical climate, global mindset and local flavors are well aligned for acceptance of this new style of cuisine.

The Plant-based diet offers innovative, creative techniques in food preparation that make it simply delicious and loaded with Nutrients, Enzymes & Vitamins! Great for people suffering from allergies as it is Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Guilt-free!!