About Sunita


Sunita Vira is a certified, Gourmet Raw Food Chef from the Living Light Culinary Institute in California and the founder of The Raw Food Centre, Singapore. With a background in art & design and an Indian heritage, Sunita merges creativity with ethnic flavors from different cultures.
Over the past few years, she has pioneered a new cuisine that is appealing, delicious and nutritious. Familiar flavors are created by enhancing the ingredient’s natural qualities with traditional spices and herbs.
Popular amongst Hollywood celebrities for maintaining their youthful glow, Raw Foods or Living Foods, are made from only vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains, nuts & seeds.

Prepared at a low temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit or under 50 Degrees Celsius, food optimally retains its nutrients.Creative techniques such as blending, marinating, sprouting, fermenting and dehydration takes the place of traditional heat cooking.
Sunita's passion is to experiment with Living foods and help people integrate these into their daily menu. She is currently writing an un-cook book and will be hosting exclusive classes from her home.
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With her husband and her three children as her inspiration, she is dedicated to being a voice for raw living foods.