More about Raw Food (or as I like to call it Living Food)

Forget your preconceived ideas. We are not just eating carrots & lettuce! Raw doesn’t mean cold, hard and fibrous. Once you try the recipes on this site, you’ll wonder whether they are cooked or raw. You’ll find some very familiar dishes created using healthful techniques to optimize nutrition. You are not leaving your former kitchen behind when you embrace living foods; you are simply adding the good back into your life!

Raw food can be warm, rich and abundantly flavorful. Put simply, living food is food that is not prepared over high heat (a process that can strip even the most healthful food of its essential beneficial nutrients). Food prepared at a low temperature (not exceeding 118 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius) optimally retains its life-sustaining wholesomeness. Creative techniques such as blending, marinating, sprouting, fermenting and dehydrating take the place of traditional heat cooking in a living food kitchen.

Living food is great for people suffering from allergies, as a plant-based, raw diet is gluten-free, dairy-free & guilt-free! It offers innovative, creative techniques in food preparation that make it simply delicious and loaded with anti-oxidants, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and vitamins!

It’s important for me to state that it’s not an all or nothing proposition. I will be the first to tell you I am not a 100% raw and you do not have to be to enjoy the benefits. Anyone can enjoy improved health by adding more plant-based, raw foods to their diet. Easing in can help overcome innate resistance; your palate will open to new, undiscovered flavors. You’ll be astonished how, after that, your body guides you and responds enthusiastically.