Students were selected for scholarships
This will become the Computer Lab
Students of Mandawar School

The Raw Food Centre, Singapore adopted a remote village in 2011, Mandawar in Northern India. 100% of all class and event proceeds have gone towards educating the children of Mandawar. The all girls school started in 1999 with only 4 children, today there are 600 girls attending. The students come from neighboring villages, sometimes 3-4 girls huddled on one bicycle to get an education and break out of their cycle of poverty.

Funds go towards Mandawar scholarships, teachers fund, computer lab and equipment. The Raw food Centre would like to thank the following donors:

  • Priti Chandaria

  • Heidi Virshup

  • Lisa Leroy

  • Claudia Sondakh

  • Kara Wong

  • Renu Chanrai

  • Madhavi Subrahmanian

  • Arathi Nilakantan

  • Vidya

  • Punita Kamdar

  • Nawaaz

  • Aarati Chandaria

  • Arathi Capoor

  • Sona Sumaya

  • Aditi Capoor

  • Aideen Mary O’Byrne

  • Jenny Ong

  • Helen Hong

  • Janice Chumakov

  • Anna Przeplasko

  • Karen Horan

  • Sam Pattman

  • Mayura Mohta

  • Amanda Selvarajah

  • Margo Green

  • Sally Kelly

  • Lisa Walsh

  • Amber Sawyer

  • Catia

  • April Hu

  • Christine van Heerden

  • Janet Stride

  • June Chua

Funds raised for other Causes

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