Feeling Tired? Exhausted? Or Experiencing Brain Fog? Putting on Weight?
Not quite feeling yourself?
It is time for a Detox to kick-start your body into health! Over time toxins collect in our bodies. This year give the gift of health to yourself and your loved one, programs offered every alternate month starting in January! Heal your body naturally. We will be feasting, enjoying our food and showing you how to incorporate delicious foods into your lifestyle while we lose weight. This is not a juice fast, we teach you how to make this a part of your lifestyle so you enjoy vibrant living! There will be lots of culinary demonstrations, lots of eating, sharing, learning new detox rituals, raw living foods to help you thrive and be well.

Join Raw Food Chef & Nutrition Educator, Sunita Vira for a fun detox that gets you results! Limited space! Register early to reserve your spot and receive an early bird discount!!!

Why Detox?
Over time our body collects waste, toxins and absorbs pollutants from the environment. Detoxing re-energises, revitalises and regenerates the body. Practised by many cultures over the centuries as a way to strengthen the internal organs to optimal efficiency for disease prevention. Over the years we have seen amazing results with our raw living foods detox programs. We have seen people get off their medications, overcome health issues, their energies soar, lose weight and get mental clarity! More importantly this is a practical guide to learning how to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle! We will be incorporating healing foods from around the world. It is not another juice cleanse, or a fast or a supplement based program. We feast, enjoy, share and learn and lose weight and get healthier in the process. But don’t take our word for it, see the testimonials below.


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“It was a dream comes true, when I sat in the cooking class by Sunita Vira at Lincoln Park “Whole Foods Market”. Sunita prepared 3 delicious raw, nutritious totally plant based desserts in matter of 30 minutes. As an avid follower of natural, nurturing foods, the raw food concept struck the cord; made perfect sense. I went on to sign up for Sunita’s Raw Food Detox, Raw Food Essential classes. With each experience a conviction took root that Sunita’s Raw Food concept should become an essential component of my daily nutrition. To my surprise in a month's time; I went on to shed 5 lbs of weight and 2 inches in my waistline effortlessly while enjoying delicious recipes. This despite the fact that my weight and waistline were within normal healthy range to begin with. I just thought what wonders this Raw, holistic low calorie food can do for those who are overweight.
The Raw food concept takes the Nutritional science to a whole new level. Unlike cooking at high high heat which destroys many essential nutrients, the raw cooking preserves the nutritional value of food including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants which are essential to getting rid of toxins. With Sunita’s raw food training, the delicious, effortless, superliving, rejuvenating raw food preparations are within my reach daily in matter of minutes.” – Radha Sukhani M.D., Chicago


“I credit Sunita and the Raw Food Centre of Chicago with giving me my health and vitality back. Prior to the 2-week detox program I had been struggling with many health issues including chronic fatigue and depression, and had gone through a number of detox programs and cleanses that were restrictive and difficult to fit into a normal lifestyle. The Raw Detox was so much different. It’s not restrictive and the recipes are easy to prepare and taste delicious. My husband even craves them now! The detox helped to reset my entire system, and I now feel happy, balanced and have more energy than I have had in years (I also lost 7lbs as a bonus!). I now feel I have a livable way to manage my health and sustain my happiness. All thanks to Sunita and her wonderful team!!” – Sarah Steinbeck, Chicago


"Having participated in several detox programs, I found Sunita’s program gentle and educational. Her graceful style and understated passion encourages one to not only adopt new eating habits but also to prepare different dishes to share amongst family and friends. I now enjoy Sunita’s simple and delicious foods on a daily basis, and feel healthier and better. I am honoured to have Sunita lead the Luxury Detox Retreat at Bali Villa Waru for groups who wish to getaway and become rejuvenated."
Thank you! – April Hu, Bali


“I have known Sunita for about a year now and have been drawn to her because of our common belief in the healing properties and benefits of raw or living foods. Prior to meeting her my knowledge of raw foods was limited to a meal of mainly fruits, salads and nuts. But after attending some of her classes and workshops including a 3 day detox workshop, I was amazed to discover a whole world of interesting yet palatable gourmet raw foods. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from these sessions with Sunita and look forward to learning more from her”. – Minu Aswani, Singapore